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What’s the Deal With Baby Teeth?

Have you ever wondered why we have two sets of teeth in our lifetime? Though we don’t keep our baby teeth for long, they do serve an important purp...

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Keep Your Teeth Tough As You Age

Adding years to your life doesn’t have to mean subtracting teeth from your smile. Celebrate those extra candles on your birthday cake by ensuring t...

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New Year Resolutions for a Healthier Smile

We all want to start 2018 off right—for some, that might mean vowing to eat healthier, exercising more than you have in the past or making quality ...

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Is Your Life Too Sweet?

It’s something most people strive for—many may see living a “sweet life” as a compliment, but not if we’re talking about your teeth! With the over-...

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5 Remedies for Your Toothache

We’ve all been there—whether it comes on in an instant or slowly creeps up on us, a toothache is no fun to deal with. Typically caused by decay, re...

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How to Order a Tooth-Friendly Coffee

“I’ll have a large Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with soy milk and extra whipped cream.” Sound familiar? While a tasty caffeinated treat can work wonder...

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Breakfast Meal

Are Your Teeth Experiencing a Sugar Sabotage? | Hawker Dental

Sugar. It’s crafty. While it shows itself in sweets, cakes and other treats, it loves to lurk in foods that you may not suspect like bread, salad d...

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Healthy Lunch

Teeth-Friendly Snacks for Your Child’s Lunch

A nutritious meal at lunchtime isn’t just important to give your child an energy boost to finish out their school day—it can make a big difference ...

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Baby Chewing Plastic Toy

Is Thumb-Sucking Bad for Your Child’s Oral Health?

A natural reflex for children, thumb-sucking can help babies to feel happy and safe in the world around them. However, as permanent teeth begin to ...

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Woman With Water

Sparkling Water: Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

There’s a new trend among us—and for the most part, it’s a good one! Today, more and more people are swapping out soft drinks for a carbonated beve...

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Soft Toothbrush

Soft Vs. Hard: Which Toothbrush Should You Choose?

It might not be a question as old as time, but when it comes to whether or not patients should be using a toothbrush with hard or soft bristles, it...

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Smoking Teeth

What Smoking Really Does to Your Teeth

We all have bad habits, though some do more harm for our health than others. Unfortunately, using cigarettes and tobacco is one of the most common ...

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Cold Mouth

How to Care for Your Mouth When You’re Sick

When you’re sick, it’s easy to put your life on hold until you get better. But there are a few things to consider when it comes to caring for your ...

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Toothbrush Clean

4 Ways to Give Your Old Toothbrush New Life

To keep your mouth healthy, it’s recommended that you swap out your toothbrush for a new one every three to four months. By the time a person turns...

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Holiday Toothbrush

5 Tips to Keep Your Pearly Whites Holiday Healthy

With holiday buffet tables brimming with pies, desserts and other decadent delectables, one’s waistline isn’t the only thing to keep in check. Your...

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Healthy Teeth

How to Have Healthy Teeth for Life

Whether you want to avoid toothaches and discomfort, smile brilliantly or be able to chew well for proper nutrition, there are plenty of reasons to...

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