Dental Implants in Hawker

Dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement option instead of getting dentures. The treatment can also be used to replace single missing teeth. While most family dentists refer their patients to an oral surgeon, Dr Storey (Dentist) completed additional training in surgical implant placement in the U.K. His level of experience allows us to provide complete start-to-finish implant therapy right here at Hawker Dental.

Single Implant Crowns

Individual teeth can easily be replaced with a single implant and a custom porcelain crown. They can be a more effective alternative to a traditional bridge, which requires cutting down adjacent teeth to support it. The supporting teeth become more susceptible to caries, and may eventually be lost too.

A dental implant not only preserves bone and gum tissues but also avoids cutting down neighboring teeth, allowing them to often last much longer.

Multi-tooth Implant Bridges

To replace a few teeth at one time, as little as two implants can support a three or four-unit (tooth) dental bridge.
When a few adjacent teeth are missing or badly damaged, multiple dental implants may be placed to support a dental bridge.

This alternative avoids the hassle involved with having partial removable dentures. It makes the use of metallic clasps unnecessary, resulting in better esthetics, and causes no harm to adjacent teeth.

The result is a more convenient, fixed solution that enhances your quality of life, while also keeping your teeth healthy.

Implant Supported Dentures

Either a fixed denture or removable overdenture can be attached to as few as four implants. During your consultation, we will discuss what future goals you have for your smile as well as any concerns that we may notice.

Implant Supported Dentures help provide a simple and retentive solution for those who wish to improve their chewing ability, along with a better quality of life.

Together, we will create a care plan that outlines the phases of surgery, recovery and restoration.

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