Your Emergency Dentists in Hawker

Urgent Care at Hawker Dental

Our Hawker family dentists are committed to providing you with fast pain relief for your dental emergency. Hawker Dental asks that you give us a call as soon as possible so that we can help you immediately.

Even if you aren’t sure whether to come in for an exam, we can give you advice on what to do next.

Call (02) 6254 9600

Common Types of Dental Emergencies

Are you unsure whether your situation is a true dental emergency? If you are unable to continue with your regular routine, go to work or even eat a meal then you need to contact us straightaway.

Some of the most common types of emergencies that we see include:

  • Abscessed teeth/toothaches
  • Broken fillings or teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Broken crowns and bridges
  • Wisdom Teeth Pain
  • Swelling or bleeding

Planning for You Before You Even Call

We know that dental emergencies happen when you least expect them. That’s why Hawker Dental blocks out specific emergency slots throughout the week, always giving us time to work on that last-minute phone call.

The first thing we’ll do is help relieve your pain. Then, we’ll assess your teeth to see exactly what the cause of your discomfort is. Finally, the most appropriate method of treatment will be prescribed. Our staff is happy to review all options and financial information related to your care.

Speak with our caring team about any concerns you have, we are here for you. If you call outside of our opening hours, we will do our best to call you back as soon as we are available.

Emergency Dentists Hawker

Our priority is to get you out of pain and then repair your tooth. Whether you have been a patient at Hawker Dental before or are searching for a new dentist in Hawker, we invite you to see us for your emergency care. Contact us today on (02) 6254 9600 or request an appointment below.