Comprehensive General Dentist

As a multi-dentist family practice, Hawker Dental offers a diverse range of general dentistry services. From routine checkups to affordable dentures, our capable team have your best interests in mind. It’s important to begin with a good base of dental health through regular checkups and cleaning. If you are experiencing pain whether it be minor or major, please let us know so we help before it becomes a bigger problem. If you come to see us regularly you’ll find most issues can be resolved simply and affordably.

Checkup and Clean

We recommend that you visit our hygienist on a routine basis to prevent common dental infections before they have a chance to start. If timing allows, you can book your exam on the same day as your scale and clean.


Should you require a custom mouthguard to protect your teeth from athletic injuries or excessive grinding, we offer custom-made professional mouthguards for all ages. They are made in our lab, right here at the clinic.

Root Canal Therapy / Treatment Options (RCT)

Many general practices do not provide root canal therapies in their office. Hawker Dental does. Discomfort is usually caused by inflammation inside of the tooth and not the actual root canal itself. The process can often take a couple of visits to complete, to ensure that the canals are clean and sealed. In some situations, we can provide one-step root canals in a single visit.

Extractions / Wisdom Tooth Removal

If your tooth is badly infected, we may need to remove it. Fortunately, you can enjoy a comfortable procedure with the help of local anaesthetic and nitrous oxide.

For situations that involve more complex oral surgery (such as wisdom tooth removal), there is also the option of IV sedation in a surgery across town or general anaesthesia in the hospital.

Children’s Dentistry / Medicare CDBS

All of the dentists at our Hawker practice are excited to see kids for their checkups and ongoing treatment.

We also offer Medicare CDBS for eligible children, ask us to find out more.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Do you need a prosthesis to replace your missing teeth? Our custom dentures and partial dentures are an affordable solution. We’re also happy to honour Veterans’ Affairs benefits, as we feel that all veterans should receive their services without the concern of extra costs involved.

Visit Hawker Family Dentists Now!

If it’s been six months or more, you’re due for a scale and clean. Contact Hawker Dental today to schedule yours in, or simply request an appointment below.