Orthodontic Options in Belconnen

When it comes to orthodontic work, many Hawker families choose to undergo their treatment right here at Hawker Dental. Dr Graham Shaw is a general dentist with over 30 years of experience providing braces to his patients. Dr. Kerin Jacob has attended numerous orthodontic courses through Skip Truitt and is currently completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Orthodontics.

Invisalign Accredited. Certified Invisalign Provider

Dr. Kerin Jacobs is an Invisalign Accredited dentist. An Invisalign Accredited dentist is a dentist who has been trained by Invisalign to provide Invisalign treatment to their patients.

Traditional Orthodontics

Fixed traditional braces (metal) are appropriate for people of all backgrounds and bite needs. Even if your situation is more complex, we may be able to help. By booking in a consultation, we can go through the different orthodontic options that are suitable for you.

Ceramic / Tooth Coloured Braces

These orthodontic appliances work the same as traditional braces, but the brackets are made of ceramic material for the top front teeth. Their colour allows the ceramic to blend in for a less noticeable appearance, compared to the metal brackets found on traditional style braces.

Early Intervention (“Plates”)

Children often require interceptive orthodontics with removable appliances to prevent future treatment from being less involved. If they have a crossbite or front teeth sticking out, early intervention can help a bit to avoid an accident. There are several ways we can determine whether your child may need early orthodontic treatment. If you have any concerns, you should see one of our dentists for a consultation.

Clear Aligners / Invisalign

Some people prefer to not wear traditional metal braces. Clear aligners (we offer Invisalign and Spark) are a perfect alternative. The clear aligners move your teeth without wires or brackets. Plus, they can be removed during meals and for home care. Made from translucent plastic, the aligners are so clear that most people will not be able to see them over your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the child’s teeth. We recommend scheduling a child’s first visit to assess by age seven or at the first visible sign of malocclusion. Your child’s teeth and jaw are still developing at this age, making some orthodontic issues — such as underbites or very crowded teeth — easier to address. The ideal age to have braces is usually around 12 or 13, while a child’s mouth and jaws are still growing, but it can be earlier or later.

In some cases, teeth need to be removed for braces to be effective. However, if our dentist determines the teeth can be aligned into a healthy bite and correct position, then there will be no need for extractions. For cases that require extractions to accommodate orthodontics, however, the orthodontist may extract one to four teeth, depending on the diagnosis.

The cost of orthodontics varies depending on the type, and the length of treatment. We can give you a more accurate answer during your consultation after we can assess your options. The length of treatment also varies depending on the severity of the case and the type of orthodontics used. The average length of treatment is around 18 months.

The right time to start treatment varies depending on the severity of the case. We recommend scheduling a visit by age seven or at the first visible sign of malocclusion.

No, you are not too old to have straight teeth. In fact, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. What are the steps required for Invisalign? The steps required for Invisalign are:

  1. Consultation with our Invisalign dentist
  2. Customised treatment plan
  3. Receive custom aligners
  4. Wear aligners as directed
  5. Switch to the next set of aligners as directed
  6. Follow up with us in stages as directed until treatment is completed. The length of treatment varies depending on the severity of the case.

Orthodontics in Hawker, Belconnen ACT

From your consultation to having impressions made, the planning process is just as important as the actual treatment. We provide convenient in-house payment plans to our orthodontic patients. Are you ready to see which type of braces are right for you?