General Family and Specialty Dentistry

At our Hawker family dental practice, our team of dentists has extensive experience and additional training in services like braces, dental implants and sedation dentistry. We strive to make your experience one that’s both enjoyable as well as a good investment.


General Dentistry

Family members of all ages are welcome at Hawker Dental. We love to see children and give them a great start to oral health. Whether you require a simple extraction or a complex root canal, you can benefit from the convenience of comprehensive treatments under one roof.


Choose between traditional or ceramic braces, Invisalign®, and early intervention orthodontics to fit your unique situation. Dr Graham Shaw (Dentist) has over 20 years of experience treating orthodontic patients.

Oral Surgery

Do you need to have a wisdom tooth removed? Our dentists can keep you comfortable here in our office or even under general anaesthesia at the local hospital. The same can be said for simple extractions.

Dental Implants

Dr Storey underwent extensive implant training in the U.K. and brought his knowledge back to Hawker to provide complete implant therapy right here in our practice.

Crowns and Bridges

All our dentists are highly skilled in crown and bridge work. We partner with local laboratories where your new restoration is fabricated in a high quality and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Dental Emergencies

We frequently block out emergency slots in our schedule throughout the week. If you are in pain, please call us straightaway for immediate attention.

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No matter what your smile has been through, Hawker Dental can help you achieve quality care in an affordable manner. Contact our Hawker dentists today to find out why three generations of patients have entrusted us with their dental needs.

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