Your First Visit to Hawker Dental

You will be pleased to know that our Hawker dentists are known for being extremely gentle and can put your mind right at ease. We also have a variety of sedation and anaesthesia options for you to consider. As we review our recommendations with you, you can plan for the treatment that best fits your budget and oral health needs.

Our Hawker Dentists Have the Answers

When you stop by our Hawker family dentist office for the first time, you’ll feel just how attuned we are to the needs of our patients. After all, Hawker Dental has been serving residents in our community for over 25 years. The familiar faces and longstanding relationships are just a couple of examples of why so many people continue to visit us for their oral health concerns. The first thing we’ll need is for you to complete a new patient questionnaire and medical history form.

The Examination and Consultation

We know that you want to see the dentist straightaway. If you have any specific problems going on and have not had recent X-rays taken, we may take some at this time. These images give us the information that we need to perform as thorough of an evaluation as possible. During your exam, our Hawker dentist will discuss what your main concerns are, any findings, and appropriate treatment recommendations, if necessary. The entire consultation takes about 30 minutes total.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Hawker Dental gladly accepts all dental insurance schemes. Claims are filed straightaway through our HICAPS machine. Contact us to book your new patient consultation with our highly experienced dental team.